GM Jan Krzysztof Duda 

Date of Birth: 26 April, 1998

Current Rating - 2671

2008: Gold medalist of the World U10 Chess Championship.

2009: Silver medalist of the World U12 Chess Championship.

2012: Winner of the European U14 Chess Championship.

2013: Winner of the European U18 Team Chess Championship along with team.

2014: Winner of the European Rapid and silver medalist of Blitz Championships.

2015: Winner of the “Lake Sevan 2015” International Chess Tournament.

2015: Silver medalist of the World Junior Chess Championship in Khanty-Mansiysk.


GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi  

Date of Birth: 24 October, 1994

Current Rating - 2658

2005, 2006, 2007, 2009: Four-time National Youth Champion.

2008: Champion of the World Junior U14 Chess Championship.

2009: Silver medal holder in the World Junior U16 Chess Championship.

2013: Bronze medalist of the World Junior Chess Championship.

2014: National Champion in National Challengers Championship.

2014: Winner of “Lake Sevan 2014” International Chess Tournament.

2015: Shared 3rd place in the "Lake Sevan 2015" International Chess Tournament.

GM Vladislav Artemiev  

Date of Birth: 5 March, 1998

Current Rating - 2653

2011: Silver medalist of the Russian Junior U14 Chess Championship.

2011: 3rd place in the European Junior U14 Chess Championship.

2012, 2013: Winner of the World’s Youth Stars Tournament.

2013: Winner of the Russian U21 Chess Championship.

2014: Gold medalist of Andranik Margaryan Memorial-Round Robin Tournament.

2015: First place in the Memorial of Georgy Agzamov in Tashkent.

2015: Winner of the Russian Higher League.

GM Robert Hovhannisyan  

Date of Birth: 23 March, 1991

Current Rating - 2640

2009: Silver medalist of Tigran Petrosyan Memorial U18 age group.

2011: Gold medalist of the 71st Armenian Men’s Chess Championship.

2011: Champion of the World Team Chess Championship along with national team.

2011: Silver medalist of the World U20 Chess Championship.  

2013: Champion of 6th Karen Asryan Memorial in Jermuk.

2015: Shared 1st-2nd places in Tournament A of Riga Technical University Open. 

2016: Vice-champion of the 76th Armenian Men’s Chess Championship.

2016: Champion of the Armenian Rapid Chess Championship.

GM David Anton Guijarro   

Date of Birth: 23 June, 1995

Current Rating - 2627

Nine-time Spanish champion (U14, twice U16, U18, three-time online and twice

with team).

2011: Third place of the European U16 Championship.

2013: Second place in the World U18 Championship.

2014: Silver medalist of the European Individual Chess Championship.

2014, 2015: Spanish blitz champion.

2015: Second place in the “Lake Sevan 2013” International Chess Tournament. 

GM Vladimir Onischuk 

Date of Birth: 21 July, 1991

Current Rating - 2615

2001: European U10 Champion.

2006: Runner up in the World U16 World Championship.

2015: Second place in the 2015 Capelle la Grande.

2015: Winner of the 2015 Corsican Circuit and 2015 Metz Open.

2015, 2016: Winner of the International Chess Tournament Memory of “Nebesna

Sotnya” (Rapid and Blitz respectively).

2016: Winner of Stockholm Chess Challenge 2016.

GM Arman Pashikian   

Date of Birth: 28 July, 1987

Current Rating - 2615


1997, 1998: Winner of the Armenian U10 Chess Championship.

1999: Silver medalist of the Armenian U12 Chess Championship.

2005: Champion of the European Youth Rapid Chess Championship.

2008, 2009, 2010: Winner of the “Lake Sevan” International Chess Tournament.

2009: Winner of the 69th Armenian Men’s Chess Championship.

2012: Winner of the 2nd Ferdowsi International Open Chess Tournament in Iran.

GM Hovhannes Gabuzyan   

Date of Birth: 19 May, 1995

Current Rating - 2607

2010: Gold medalist of the World Chess Olympiad along with the Armenian team.

2012: Vice-champion of the European U16 and U18 Chess Championships.

2012: Bronze medalist of the World U18 Chess Championships.

2013: Vice-champion of the European U18 Chess Championship in Montenegro.

2014: Winner of the Armenian Rapid Chess Championship.

2014: Gold medalist of Varna Open in Bulgaria.

2016: Winner of the 14th World University Chess Championship in Abu Dhabi.

GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan   

Date of Birth: 19 September, 1993

Current Rating - 2605

2003: Champion of the European Junior U10 Chess Championship.

2009: Champion of the European Youth U18 Chess Championship.

2010: Vice-champion of the European and World Youth Chess Championships.

2011: Winner of the World Youth U18 Chess Championship held in Brazil.

2013: Bronze medalist of the 74th Armenian Men’s Championship.

2015: Shared 3rd place in the "Lake Sevan 2015" International Chess Tournament.

2015:  Winner of the Students section of the Moscow Open.

GM Samuel Sevian 

Date of Birth: 26 Dec, 2000

Current Rating: 2595

Samuel Sevian became the world’s youngest Grandmaster at the age of 13 years 10 months and 27 days. He is the first International Master and the first Grandmaster born in 2000 or later. He was also the youngest ever US International Master (12 years 10 months 15 days) and the youngest ever  Grandmaster in US History beating previous record by more than a year.​
2012, 2013: World Champion in the U12 category.

2012: Winner of the 23rd Metropolitan FIDE Invitational Round-Robin Tournament.

2014: Second place in the 12th Annual Foxwoods Open in Connecticut.

2014:  Winner of the Saint Louis Invitational Grandmaster Tournament.

2015: Shared 5th and 6th places in the Tata Steel Challengers Tournament.


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